8K? what happened to 4K!?

The relationship between a camera operator and an editor can be vital, as an editor you need to always be aware of what footage you will be receiving and as a camera operator be aware of what your editor can handle. As camera technology is evolving editors need to also keep up, so this takes me back to the original question, are we ready for 8K? There are many camera operators out there that are still waiting to make the jump to 4K, there are some great deals out there but if they are a shooter / editor it’s not as easy as just buying the camera, they also need to make sure they can handle the data when it comes to the edit by being able to afford to update their RAM, buying a 4K monitor and SD cards that can handle the bit-rates.

Earlier this month Sharpe announced their pocket 8K semi-pro camera, they aim to for the price to be under $5,000-$3,000 (£3,871.76 - £2,322.90) so, with that price bracket, will we will be jumping ahead of 4K and going straight to the 8K market sooner than we thought?