A love affair of Technology and Creativity

‘’They Shall not Grow Old’’ premiered last night on BBC 2.

Peter Jackson has always had ‘’The story’’ as the priority when it comes to making a film, with the help of the latest film cameras and technology he molds them together to help tell that story and not just a gimmick.

For those who don’t know anything about the film, archive footage has been transformed with not only sound design, dubbed speech but the footage has been brought into color! Now, this may sound simple but the emotional effect it had on me was unexplainable. By bringing those men into color has made them all the more real, you see similarities in mannerisms with people you know today, looks to one another and you can see into their eyes unlike before. We have grown so use to seeing news footage of current wars and battle that the brutality and realism from the past wars have almost had a blanket placed over them, Peter Jackson wasn’t shy to show the dead and the injured and this is what we have been sheltered from in the media, this film gives you the feeling that I believe people have when they gone to visit victims of war, they’ve seen it, they lived it and they can relate to the people, this film gives you that feeling.  

Being able to relate to the men on the front line and hearing the narrative dialog throughout the film has educated me and will stay with me, I recently visited the Imperial War Museum in London but this film will forever haunt and stay with me, those great, brave men will not grow old but Peter Jackson and his team have honored them in such a way that they will never be forgotten.